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Exclusive Treatments

At Contoured by Holly, I offer an extensive array of treatments that cater to your individual needs. Whether you're seeking a radiant glow with skin boosters or a subtle enhancement with anti-wrinkle injections, I've got you covered. My advanced training allows me to perform intricate procedures such as facial contouring and fat dissolving, giving you the confidence you deserve.

Each treatment is carefully tailored to match your desires, and my dedication to precision ensures that you'll leave feeling rejuvenated and satisfied with your stunning results. Embrace your beauty, and let me guide you on your journey to aesthetic perfection.

Anti Wrinkle

3 Areas £180

Frown, forehead and Crows feet 

2 Areas £160

Forehead and frown 

Areas £140

Eyes only 

Add any additional area for £80 if you purchase 3 areas


Teeth Grinding, Jaw Slimming

Smokers lines £120

Downturned Smile £120


Gummy Smile £120

Pebble Chin £120

Lip Flip £100


Hyperhydrosis £350

Neck Lift £250

Lower face lift anti wrinkle £350

(Jaw, Jowl, Neck, & Chin)


Skin Boosters

Lumi Eye

One Session £150

Course of three sessions £300 

Lumi eyes is made of polynucleotides and it brighten tightens and repairs tissue damage for under the eye area. This is recommended at 3 treatments 4 weeks apart 



One Course £220

Two Courses (recommended) £400

Profhilo is a skin booster with a high hyaluronic acid content that restores collagen, elastin and improves the skins texture. Suitable for 40 plus 


Seventy Hyal 

One Course £120 

Three Courses (recommended) £300

Seventy hyal 2000 is a next generation skin booster that adds gentle volume, will give you a flawless flowing complexion. Recommended 3 treatments 4 weeks apart  



One Course £150

Three Courses (recommended) £300

Jalupro adds hydration back into problematic areas like under eyes, smokers lines, jowl areas. Recommended 3 sessions 3 weeks apart 


Dermal Filler


Natural Lip 1 mil £150 

Adding a subtle hydration and shape to your natural anatomy 

Russian Lips £170

Creating a flat lip with a Cupids bow using an advanced technique 

Tear Trough Filler £220 

Using Redensity 2 to fill hollows under the eyes and improving dark circles.


Facial Filler

Nose to mouth lines (1 mil) £150

Marionette Lines (1 mil)  £150 

Smile Lines (2 mil) £280 

Chin filler (1 mil) £150 

Chin filler (2 mil) £280 

Cheek filler volume loss (1 mil)  £150 

Cheek filler contoured (2 mil) £280 

Jawline filler subtle (1 mil) £150 

Jawline filler (2 mil) £300 

Jawline filler (3 mil) £450

Liquid Rhinoplasty £270 


Filler Packages

Contoured by Holly Subtle Package 

3 mil between lips, chin, cheeks, jaw £370  


Volume Loss Package

Contoured by Holly volume loss package 

4 mil between lips, chin, cheeks jaw £470


Contoured Package

Contoured by Holly contoured package 

5 mil between lips, chin, cheeks, jaw £570 


Fat Dissolving

Lemon bottle 

Small area £120 

Cheeks, chin or jowl 

Large area £200

Arms, back, stomach, belly legs or thighs 



Lip dissolve £150

Using hydaluronodase to dissolve previous dermal filler 

Dissolve and refill £250 

Dissolving and returning after 14 days for a refill 


Vitamin B12

1 £25 

Course of 4 £80 



1 session £350 

3 sessions (recommended) £950 

aesPlla® is a bio-stimulatory PLLA injectable that offers intelligent rejuvenation, harnessing the skin’s natural collagen production to provide natural-looking volumisation with superior longevity. This product fills hollows of temples, jowls, cheeks and lifts producing the body’s own natural collagen. 3 sessions needed 6 weeks apart  

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Ready to take the next step towards revealing your true beauty? Booking your consultation or appointment with Contoured by Holly is easy and convenient. Whether you're looking to enhance your features, revitalize your skin, or embark on a transformative journey, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

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